Constructing a more effective Science curriculum

We have begun building a new science curriculum and we have gone back to first principles in order to do so. Below we outline the 7-stage process that we are following. The link at each stage displays a summary of our (on-going) progress to date. We hope that you will contribute your own opinion, even if it is just "I agree!".

As this project nears a point at which wider publication of the ideas is appropriate, we will evidence the claims made in the various sections below.

1. What is Science?

By agreeing a working definition of what Science is, we can agree what pupils of this subject should be able to receive from their learning.
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2. Aims of Science education

What should five years of Science education give to a student?
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3. Is current Science education achieving these aims?

What are the specific issues with the current curriculum that reduce the effectiveness of current Science education?
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4. Broad principles of a new approach to Science education

How should Science education be structured in order to effectively meet the future needs of all learners?
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5. Content

What specific areas of Science should students learn about?
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6. Teaching methods

How should a Science education be delivered to pupils in order to make the subject interesting, accessible, relevant and rewarding?
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7. Assessment

How should we assess and report students' attainment during and at the end of their Science education?
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Suggestions for changes/additions to the above?

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