The 2nd HowScience conference


Tuesday 22nd December 2009


Alom's flat, London


Mike, Alom and Stu


1) Catch-up

  • Feedback from Stu re Mark Walport meeting
  • Feedback from Alom re experiences in York and after debate
  • Feedback from Mike re meeting with Richard Pike

2) What do we want to create?

  • Discussion to agree a shared vision of what we're aiming to produce — what will the HowScience (beta) curriculum model look like?

3) What is Science?

  • What should be taught?
  • How should it be taught (imbedded, explicit modules?)?
  • What should we call it?

4) Main content

  • Review Mike and Andrew's documents; amend as necessary
  • Review 2011 statutory subject content from Ofqual/QCDA
  • Add content to the relevant content pages


To be added after the event.

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