As well as our main focus of rewriting the Science curriculum, we are working on some related projects. As this site grows as a collaborative endeavour, the number of these will increase also. Most of the links below lead to wikis or discussion areas where members can add to and/or edit jointly constructed alternatives to aspects of the current curriculum.

Current projects

A Teachers' Survey of Science Education in England and Wales in 2009

Teachers may not get a very large say the curriculum that they teach, but do they like it anyway? You can contribute your views via the Opinion section of the Forum. learn more

Alom's projects

Alom spends part of his time as an independent film-maker, providing high-quality educational films at no cost to teachers. While this work could be judged as relating more to developing original curriculum materials than to developing the curriculum itself, it repeatedly crosses the boundary between the two.

High quality short films of practical work

Alom is currently producing a set of short films of Science experiments that are either too dangerous or expensive to do in school or that teachers might like an 'action replay' of after having done them 'live' in class. Do you have an experiment you'd like him to make a high-quality video of? learn more

Why Is Science Important?

He has also successfully carried through to maturity his Why Is Science Important? project that attempts to provide multiple justifications for the learning of Science. This project has resulted in a (freely-available) longer film that many have found to be a very valuable resource in the teaching of aspects of How Science Works. The project continues. learn more

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