Additional Material

Additional material

This page is a depository for potential content which is not presently included in school science (and hence is not currently "Pre-A").

Note: most of these suggestions illustrate "science in everyday life". The fact that most of it is missing from school science further illustrates the "disconnect" between science and everyday life. The fact that it is "normal" to teach "reactivity series", "cloning" and "Big bang", but not how the lights go on and the toilet flushes in their own home is concerning.

  • Aerodynamics and flight
  • Weather, clouds and forecasting.
  • Seas, fish-stocks and fishing
  • Soil structure, agriculture and food.
  • Food processing and ingredients.
  • Bridges, buildings and structures.
  • Engines: internal combustion, jet, rocket
  • Water supplies, sources, treatment and sewerage.
  • How domestic appliances work: fridge, washing machine, toaster,
  • How materials: plastics, metals etc, are shaped into the things we use.
  • Making paper, thread and cloth and their structure.

Current challenges:

  • global warming, sea defences, tidal barrage,
  • low energy appliances, heating systems and transport systems
  • renewable energy,
  • obesity
  • depression
  • senility and dementia
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