Mathematical Skills


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Mathematical skills

  • An appreciation of the close links between mathematics and science
  • Use of calculators
  • Decimal places, significant figures
  • Understanding of and ability to use standard form notation
  • Calculate averages
  • Importance of units and the ability to change between units, i.e., to know that a kilo XXX is 1000 of XXX, a micro XXX is a millionth of XXX and to be able manipulate such numbers to arrive at the desired units.
  • Algebraic skills which are sufficient to be able to manipulate the scientific equations encountered in the course, e.g., the ability to rearrange equations, including such as KE=(1/2)mv^2
  • Understand the difference between scalars and vectors and carry out simple vector addition.
  • Ability to draw appropriate graphs, including labelling axes , plotting points, drawing lines of best fit, calculating gradients, reading intercepts
  • An understanding of statistics that will enable students to correctly interpret statistical data and identify misleading statistics presented to them by advertisers and others in the media.
  • Use of binary for electronics

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